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2024 Winter/Spring Term

The application period for our 2024 Winer/Spring Term is now closed.

Please check back next year!

We are opening our 2024 Winter/Spring Term to a limited number of new students! 

New students will have the opportunity to connect and learn with our current Discover Year students, develop crucial life and career skills, and discover more about themselves, their passions, and their next steps.

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Is this opportunity right for you?

Our 2024 Winter/Spring Term could be an excellent option for you if you are:

    • Currently taking a gap year and looking for more structure, support and connections
    • Completing a victory lap and hoping to gain a better sense of direction for your life after high school
    • In your first year of college or university and finding that your year isn’t going as well as you’d hoped

    Admission Criteria

    We are looking for applicants who are:

    1)  High school graduates (or currently on a victory lap)

    2) 17-21 years old

    3) Motivated to be part of a great community and learn about themselves and the world around them

    While we take an inclusive approach to admissions, we look for five key characteristics in all of our applicants: Team Player, Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, Integrity and Positive Attitude. 


    Applications open:

    January 10, 2024


    Final deadline to apply:

    February 4, 2024

    Have questions? Book a call with our Program Manager, Julia!

    Get a feel for Discover Year

    Are you interested in joining our 2024 Spring/Winter Term and want to better understand what we do during our Discovery Days? Sign up for a chance to experience it first hand this January through our Discover Year For a Day event!

    Apply to our 2024 Winter/Spring Term

    To apply to our 2024 Winter/Spring Term, please complete the application form below and our Program Manager, Julia, will reach out to you to outline next steps.