A structured and purposeful gap year

Discover Year is a one-year life and career skills program that helps young adults better understand what they want in life and build the skills they need to go out and get it.

Designed to support high school graduates aged 17-21, Discover Year integrates four components of hands-on, experiential learning to help students gain the skills and experience they need to thrive in adulthood. This includes: 

Meaningful self-discovery

Crucial skills development

Coaching and mentorship

Work, travel and volunteer experience

At the end of their Discover Year, students graduate with a Certificate in Career and Leadership Development.

Discover Year is a certified Canadian post-secondary program, recognized by the Government of Canada. Program fees are RESP-eligible and can be claimed as a tuition tax credit.


Discover Year was founded in 2015 and has since grown to more than six times its original size.


More than 160 students from diverse backgrounds have enrolled in Discover Year from across Canada and the world.


Students in Discover Year take part in more than 215 hours of experiential and hands-on learning throughout the year.


We are honoured to have more than 100 incredible mentors, coaches and volunteers involved in Discover Year every year.

Our purpose and mission

OUR PURPOSE: To help young adults fulfill their potential by developing fundamental personal and professional skills to thrive in school, work and life.

OUR MISSION: Guide young adults to:

Take meaningful action to further explore and understand their true interests, strengths and values;

Keep an open mind to new and diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences; and

Honour their authentic selves in the service of others as the transition into adulthood. 

Operated by MentorU

Discover Year is owned and operated by MentorU Leadership Academy, a certified Canadian post-secondary institution. Learn more about MentorU.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of our core staff who lead all program administration and delivery, in addition to a diverse and passionate team of over 100 mentors and coaches who volunteer their time and expertise to support our students.

Jay Gosselin

Julia Dostaler

Emily Kathen

Renée Michaud

Still have questions?

Do you have questions about whether Discover Year is right for you? Our Program Manager, Julia, would be happy to meet with you!