Good Life Summit

Resources for Educators

Attend the Good Life Summit with your class!

The Good Life Summit is an excellent opportunity for high school students to gain clarity about their future and learn how to take meaningful next steps towards a fulfilling life and career.

With tangible takeaways that meet the curriculum expectations of several high school courses, the Good Life Summit makes for a perfect virtual field trip for Grades 10-12.

Pre-Event Classroom Activities

Do you want to initiate meaningful discussions about work, relationships, failure, exploration, and personal growth in your class leading up to the Good Life Summit? Our Good Life Conversations podcast series is available to watch in advance to enhance your students’ experience at the event! 

Watch the podcasts below and download the worksheets to use in your lesson planning in the weeks leading up to the event:


Good Life Conversation with Dan Trommater, Speaker, Facilitator and Magician


Good Life Conversation with Stacey Ann Morris, Career Curriculum Designer at Carleton University


Good Life Conversation with Brett Dean, Captain of Firefighting at the City of Markham


Good Life Conversation with Elaine Uskoski, Author, Speaker and Video Gaming Addiction Coach


Good Life Conversation with Student Panel: Skills to Succeed After High School