Program Structure

A year of hands-on self-discovery

Discover Year follows a structured, 10-month format that gives students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and gain clarity for their future, while developing new skills that they can apply to their life right away.

The program follows a typical Canadian academic calendar, with programming beginning in September and ending in June. We also offer a one-week orientation period in Ottawa in early September to kick-off the year.


What makes up a Discover Year?

There are five primary components that all Discover Year students participate in:

Discovery Days

Discovery Days are experiential learning days that occur every Wednesday and are filled with skills workshops, career panels, coaching, field trips, and more.

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At the beginning of their Discover Year, students are matched with a life-path coach and receive bi-weekly, one-on-one mentorship throughout the year.

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Work Terms

Two work terms occur from September-January and from March-June so students can gain valuable work experience, save money, and develop new professional skills.

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The entire month of February is devoted to travel and cultural exploration. During this time, students have the chance travel anywhere in the world, near or far.

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Community Service

Students work together to lead two community service projects during their Discover Year as an opportunity to give back to their community and make a positive impact.

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Program timeline



Our orientation period in Ottawa gives students the chance to learn and bond with one another in a fun and inclusive environment


Fall Session

The fall session is comprised of weekly Discovery Days (every Wednesday), ongoing mentorship, work term #1, and community service project #1


Travel Period

February is devoted to travel and exploration! Students can choose to travel anywhere in the world, near or far, for the entire month or for just a few days


Spring Session

The spring session is comprised of weekly Discovery Days (every Wednesday), ongoing mentorship,  work term #2, and community service project #2



The final graduation ceremony takes place in July when students recieve their Certificate of Leadership

What does a Discover Year look like?

Want a sneak peak into what a Discover Year looks and feels like? Check out our video!

“Discover Year has completely changed my life. I am now someone who can confidently say I am a better human being. I could not imagine where I would be without Discover Year.” 

Reid ten Den

Discover Year Graduate

“When I was figuring out what to do after high school, I was making a calculated choice based on the limited skillset I thought I had at the time. Discover Year helped me realize I had drastically underestimated myself.”

Rhys Fitzgerald

Discover Year Graduate

“I wasn’t very confident coming out of high school. I was kind of shy, and had a bit of social anxiety. I feel like I’ve grown so much in Discover Year. I definitely learned more about how to put myself out there and be more confident.”

Sofia Lentfer

Discover Year Graduate

Discover Year by the numbers

Here’s some of what you can expect to get out of your Discover Year:


hours of hands-on learning


amazing and diverse mentors


crucial skills workshops


days to explore the world


networking and social events


field trips / exploration days


one-on-one coaching sessions


group coaching sessions

Still have questions?

Do you have questions about whether Discover Year is right for you? Our Program Manager, Julia, would be happy to meet with you!