For Educators

You want your students to succeed. So do we.

At Discover Year, we help young adults better understand what they want out of their future and build the skills they need to go out and get it.

We’ve created this webpage and the resources below to give educators a better sense of what Discover Year is, why it’s unique, and how students of all backgrounds can benefit from a structured gap year.

Did you know?

Discover Year is a certified Canadian post-secondary program, recognized by the Government of Canada. This means that program fees are RESP-eligible and can be claimed as a tuition tax credit.

How we can be available to support you

We would love to meet you to provide more information about Discover Year! In addition to hosting monthly virtual information sessions, here are some of the other ways we can be available to you, your students and your School Board:

  • Host an information session for your students at your school
  • Host an information session for your faculty or School Board
  • Attend your school’s post-secondary fairs or career fairs

Promotional Materials

We invite you to use and distribute the documents below to help your students and their parents learn more about the Discover Year program:

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Gap Year: A Path to Purposeful Education

While the concept of a “gap year” remains relatively undeveloped in Canada, we believe there has never been a better time for young adults to pursue a structured, purposeful year as a stepping stone to post-secondary education or the workforce.

Listen to Discover Year founder Jay Gosselin’s TED Talk on why gap years could be the path to more purposeful education.

Gap Year Quick Facts


of Discover Year graduates agree that they developed greater self-awareness, confidence, resilience and communication skills as a result of their gap year.


of “gappers” enroll in a four-year post-secondary institution within one year of completing their gap year.


of university graduates in North America recommend that students do more networking to facilitate their career transition.


of students in North America entering post-secondary education wait more than four months prior to starting university or college.